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These Business Terms and Conditions govern the purchases of goods and services made via the e-shop located on the website which exhibits and provides through internet the products of the Greek company "NIKI OLGA KORRE" (from now on called "the Company", which residents in Nea Filadelfia,  Attica, 40 Kifisou Street Greece (VAT Number 124761634.). Every use to the webpage of the Company and every transaction that is made through it, requires the previous consent of the user as far as the terms that follow are concerned.

1. Products Information

The Company quote in its website and the in the relative with each product fields, all the necessary information for the main characteristics of the provided products, their prices, the shipping cost, the value added tax and the way of payment. The Company preserves the right not to mention the above special characteristics of each product as far as it concerns an informative input about a product that it is not yet available for sale but it is expected to be sold in the future.

2. Products Availability

Every shown product is considered to be available, unless it mentioned otherwise. In case that -due to simultaneously purchases from more than one user or because of a technical error - a product which shows as available, is not, then the Company maintains the right to offer the user another equal product, mentioning any differences to the product that was chosen firstly. In this case, the user maintains the right to back out of the contract without any charge.

3. Right to Withdraw and return products

Due to the nature of NokNok products (teethers, pacifier clips, necklaces), we DO NOT accept returns   or   changes. All handcrafted orders are not refundable (personalized items, special designs). In case you choose cash on delivery and will not show up you will be charged for shipping & your order will be return to you.  


For every readily product that is sold on the website of the company, the user maintains the right to withdraw without any reason within fourteen (14) calendar days, returning the good in its original condition and package, accompanied by the documents issued, without being charged of any expense, apart from the return charges. This deadline starts counting for the receipt of the good. To practice the right of withdrawal, the user must fill in the Withdrawal Document and send it by e-mail or by post to the Company.


The user maintains the right to indicate if he/she wishes to get a refund of the amount he/she paid or if he/she wants this amount to be added to his/her account that he/she keeps in the company.

In case that the order is proved to have been sent incorrectly on behalf of the company, that is in case a product has been delivered instead of another one that was originally ordered per kind or quantity or in case that the product is completely destroyed upon delivery or most of it, or in case that the product is proven to be defective, the user should either not accept to receive the product from the start, or to ask the replacement of the originally ordered product or with another one up to the amount that has already been paid, either to ask for a refund of the paid amount.

In case that the product delivered is defective, the product should be returned within fourteen (14) calendar days from the reference date of purchase and to be accompanied by the receipt or the invoice of the purchase.

4. Purchasing products procedure

Each user browse the website of the Company in order to look for products that are of his/her interest and their characteristics. In order to choose the products and their quantities he/she has to fill in the necessary details in the corresponding fields. Each user can purchase more than one product in each transaction he/she makes. To confirm the order the user is required to verify the fact that he/she has read and agree with the terms of use. The order is considered to be completed only in the case that the user receives an informative e-mail that the order has been registered in the system of the company. The Company is not responsible in case of an error in the e-mail address of the user if this is due to incorrect input of the details by the user himself/herself. In such case the order is considered to be completed and the user must pay the price provided that the company can prove that an e-mail has been sent to the e-mail address the user has indicated.


A cancellation of the order can occur in any time the user wishes until the registration of his/her details in the corresponding pages of payment of VivaWallet SA. If the transaction has been completed and the user wishes to cancel it, he/she must to contact the Company immediately. Depending on the phase the order is, the user will be informed about the procedure of cancellation and about any extra charges (e.g. shipping, if it has already taken place.). It is pointed out that in case of a cancellation, and according to the phase of the order, it is possible for the shipping charges to be valid, even if because of the grand total of the cancelled order there were no charges

5. Method of payment

The payment can be made, according to the user’s choice with a credit card, a debit card (visa, maestro, mastercard), wire transfer via VivaWallet SA, with cash on delivery or Paypal. In case of cash on delivery payment it will be done with cash to the delivery man of the courier company and the user will be charged with the cash on delivery charges according to the charges of the courier company.


For the payments through credit or debit card, the Company corporates with VivaWallet SA that has protocols of communication and identification mechanisms that secure the safety of each transaction.


6. Delivery of paid products

The delivery of the products will be made with a charge of the user, depending on the way he/she has chosen, unless it is defined differently from the terms of the individual transaction. The company can from times to times provide the products without any shipping cost for the user, as long as the order exceeds a certain amount.


In case the delivery time exceeds 30 days, except in case of force majeure, this would have previously been qualified in terms of the Company communication and acceptance on the part of the user.


The products will be delivered to the address indicated by the user. In the event of a change of address or user error as to the address or other contact information, he will incur additional shipping charges.

7. Copyright

The present website is the official e-shop for exhibiting and disposing the products of the Company. All the content of the webpages including images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, provided services and products make up the copyright of the Company and are being protected according to the related provisions of the Greek law, the European law and the international contracts.


Any copy, analog / digital registration and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transfer, download, alteration, resale, creation of derivative work or misleading of the crowd in relation to the original provider of the individual content of websites is prohibited. Any reproduction, reissue, downloading, announcement, dissemination, broadcast or any other use of the content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is allowed only after previous written authorization from the legal beneficiary of the above-mentioned copyrights.


The names, the images, the logos and the distinctive features that represent the Company or/and the e-shop or/and third parties affiliated with them as well as the products or their services, are exclusive signs and distinctive features of the Company or/and the above third parties and are being protected by the Greek, the communal and the international laws about trademarks and industrial property and copyright and imperfect competition. In any case their introduction and exhibition in the website of the Company should not be considered in any case as transmission or assignation of permit or right for their use.

8. Personal Details

The Company commits that is not going to proceed to any kind of use without the previous approval of the user. The Company in no case reveals, publishes, sells, exchanges the personal details and information. This can only happen exceptionally when it is imposed by a Public Authority, court etc, in compliance to the predicted procedure by the law.

All the information related to the personal details and transactions are safe and classified. The passwords that are used for the recognition of the user secure the access with absolute safety, regarding the personal details of the user.

The password should be changed frequently for safety reasons and it should not be revealed to third parties.

All the information that is related to the personal details provided by each user are used only to secure the immediate and meaningful communication with the Company, to secure the accuracy of the order implementation (payment and delivery) and to verify the identity of the user making the transactions. The details collected have as purpose the counting of the footfall of the e-shop, to define the needs of the customers for more products and to facilitate the transactions with the Company.

In order to complete a purchase via a card, a collection of the personal details of the user is required. Any document which can be asked to verify the identity of the client remains strictly classified, it is transferred to and checked only by VivaWallet SA. The presentation of the personal details on behalf of the user part means that he/she agrees that these details can be used by the Company and VivaWallet SA for the above-mentioned purposes. In no other occasion are the personal details transferred or published without the previous consent of the user and it is ensured that the requirements which secure the fact that the personal details cannot be edited illegally.


In any time, the user maintains the right to be informed or refuse to edit further his/her details according to the legislation concerning the protection of personal details.

9. Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?


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Cookies have an expiration date; thus we will periodically ask for your permission again. Also, cookies do not harm your computer or mobile device, in any way or the files stored there, neither do they have access to any of your files. Cookies are not about your identity. It's about your device, this is why they might be used for device identification purposes.

How do we use cookies?


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